Peacock School of Dance

Examined by:      Performing Arts Educators of Canada (P.A.E.C)

A progressive syllabus, that reflects the past, develops the present and nurtures the future development of performance arts education.

When is the cutoff for exams?  November    (exact date to be determined)

When are exams?  December    (exact date to be determined)


Why do we take exams?

The examination process encourages each and every student to work harder so they may achieve their personal best and help them maintain that potential throughout their dance training.

Exams are goal setters.

Examinations increase knowledge, enhance skills & develop confidence and stronger performance abilities

Examinations offer certification of their achievement and an evaluation report written by a professional examiner

Ensures students placement for the following year.


Does everyone take an exam?

All students in the primary grade & up have the opportunity to take an exam.

Not all students will be ready to take an annual exam as all children develop at their own rate individually.

It is imperative a child taking an exam has achieved the technique, strength, flexibility, musicality, performance and knowledge required for the grade level within the time frame of preparing for an exam in our first semester.


What is an evaluation report?

Each student will receive an evaluation from the PAEC examiner critiquing each exercise within the grade as well as an overall mark

Primary   Exam results:  Pass with Merit / Pass / Retry

Gr. 1 – Pre Pro  Exam results:  Honors / Highly Commended / Commended / Merit / Pass / Retry

Our policy for a student receiving a “Pass” in their exam for Grade 1- Advanced

The student will review the same grade for the first term the following year, as well as take the next grade. There is no extra class fee for this review.


Is there exam fees?

The exam fees are set by PAEC for each grade level.

Parents/ Guardian are responsible for the examination fee 3 weeks prior to the exam.

The exam fee must be paid by the deadline in order for a child to proceed with the exam.

All exams are pre-paid through Peacock


Is there a refund policy?

Only if a child is ill on the day of the exam and has a Doctor’s note will the fee be reimbursed by PAEC

If a child cannot maintain their quality of work or is absent prior to the exam the child may be pulled and the fee is forfeited.


If I have any more questions regarding the examination process where should I direct them?

Please feel free to ask your teacher or contact a director or email us through our web site.