Peacock News: 

We ask parents and students to please read bulletin boards on a regular basis for information and updates regarding, holidays, exams, timetable changes, recital, etc.

Since our goal is to reduce paper usage, most newsletters and information can be found on-line.

Occasional newsletters will be sent home during the year.   

Etiquette Inside & Outside the Studio:

Students are to be punctual.

Parents/students are asked to call the studio 905-871-5855 if a student is going to be late or email through our website regarding absentees.

Students are asked to remain quiet in the hallway and enter only after the preceding class has finished and has been dismissed.

Students will not have access to cell phones during a class.

Street shoes must be taken off before entering the studio spaces or the change rooms.

Food/ drink is allowed within the change rooms. We ask students to please use the trash cans and recycle bins available in on the patio and change areas.

Parents are not allowed to sit in on classes while they are in progress. It is very distracting to your child and their fellow classmates. During the year, after the children have settled in, there will be opportunities for parents to observe the Kinder classes. Kinder parents may be asked to accompany their child in class if a problem exists within the classroom. We ask that younger siblings and friends remain in the waiting room under supervision.

Teachers cannot be responsible for watching children in the waiting room while conducting a class.


Washroom is available on the main floor.

Drop Off and Pick Up:

We ask parents to enter the driveway closest to Rosehill Rd. and exit closest to the building.

There are noparking  signs along the front of the building and tickets will be reinforced by the police. Parking anywhere along the street causes poor visibility when exiting the parking lot.

Please drive cautiously in the parking lot as students are entering and exiting the building.

Students leaving the premises are not the responsibility of the studio, as we have no means of controlling what happens outside our classrooms.

Schedule Changes:

After registration, classes could be rearranged/moved due to class size or conflicts in scheduling. By October, classes will be set.

At the Junior/Inter/Senior levels, classes are often rearranged after exams in December.

Students/parents will be informed by email over the holiday break on any class changes.


Students are expected to adhere to the rules set out by Peacock School of Dance.  Our studio prides itself on providing an environment that is both safe and respectful to both peers and teachers.

In the event that a student is having difficulty following the rules:

  1. a) The student will be warned or asked to leave the room.
  2. b) The student will be asked to call a parent to pick them up.
  3. c) A solution to the problem will have to be determined between parent and teacher.

Stolen Articles:

We cannot be responsible for stolen articles. Be sure your name is in all dance shoes. Do not bring valuable items to the studio.

Inclement Weather:

When school boards close schools due to inclement weather, PSD automatically will close as well.

When school boards stay open in inclement weather but no buses are running, PSD will remain open, unless weather conditions continue to worsen we may call a closure by 3:00pm. A fan out calling system will start at this time.

If you are unsure of the studio closing due to weather, please call the studio 905-871-5855 to check the answering machine for further instructions or call 905-894-4574 or 289-876-8043.

We ask that parents always use their own discretion if the studio stays open in inclement weather.

If classes are cancelled because of weather conditions, there will be no makeup classes due to the fact that the studio is booked solid. Please contact your teacher if you wish to come in for another regular scheduled class in addition to your own the following week.


Registration fee is non- refundable.

If you quit or change classes you are to immediately notify the teacher and contact our secretary

Judy Learn 894-4272 to make arrangements for any refunds or additional payments.

If you quit or drop a class before Oct. 1st all terms and all costume deposits will be refunded.

If you quit or drop a class after Oct. 1st the 1st term & 1st costume deposit is non-refundable.

If you quit or drop a class after Dec 1st the 2nd term is non refundable and you will be billed for costumes.

If you quit or drop a class after Feb 1st the 3rd term is non- refundable and you will be billed for costumes.