Peacock School of Dance Summer 2019



Ballet / Pointe / Jazz / Tap


 6 half hour lessons


Classes will start mid- July (day still to be determined, we will email all interested students before the deadline.

All classes will be scheduled for daytime hours


Payment in Cash only – to be paid in full on the first class- cost below is broken up per lesson

Private Class               (1 student)       ½ hour     $20.00 /class

Semi Private-Duo       (2 students)     ½ hour                 $30.00 /class   ($15 per student)

Semi Private-Trio       (3 students)     ½ hour                 $39.00 /class   ($13 per student)


Please email by the deadline if you are interested in the private/ semi private lessons with the discipline you require.


Private- A make-up date is available; if a student needs to miss a semi private lesson within the 6 week session.

Semi Private– A make-up date is available; if student/s need to miss a semi private lesson within the 6 week session. Please note that the entire duo/trio would need to use the same make-up date. If the entire duo/trio cannot move their class then that individual will not be eligible to use the make-up date.


  • We will not be able to accept requests after the deadline, due to timetabling.
  • There will be limited time slots available for private classes. A schedule will start in the morning with the timetable being determined on first come first serve basis.
  • A confirmation & schedule will be emailed the first week of July
  • Students/parents may email their suggested goals for the private session.
  • The Teacher will individualize the lesson according to the student/s.
  • The 6 week private session is all in 1 discipline. The classes cannot be broken up into multiple disciplines.
  • Students wishing to take more than 1 discipline will need to sign up for 2 sessions. We will try to accommodate best possible for back to back classes.
  • Semi private (duo- trio) must arrange on your own. Students must be working within the same level
  • If a student will be absent they must contact their teacher by text or phone- 24 hours in advance
  • Students must arrive 15 minutes prior to their scheduled time- a warm up will precede their class.
  • Ballet – must wear body suit & tights, hair in a bun
  • Jazz & Tap – casual dancewear, hair in a bun
  • No refunds or discounts for private lessons

CONTACT or through our website or 905-380-9911